'Britain should celebrate GTA IV'

"This is world's biggest launch, British made," says Rebellion boss Kingsley

With all the North American lawsuits and big bucks being made abroad, it's easy to forget that Grand Theft Auto is actually a wholly British product, with Rockstar North living in Edinburgh.

Rebellion boss (Sniper Elite, Alien Vs. Predator) Jason Kingsley thinks the UK should remember, and "celebrate" it's massive media export.

"This is the world's biggest launch in the games market and the intellectual property is actually British made", Kingsley said. "I think that's fantastic. It should be celebrated."


Of course GTA IV isn't a entirely Scotland's doing; story and scripting duties were handled in New York. But the important bit - the actual game design and coding - was done right here (or rather, up there).

Rockstar North seems to be proud about its British product at least, as it's erected a massive "Edinburgh: Home of Rockstar North" billboard around the corner from its offices (see to the right).