Rockstar brews GTA beer

GTA publisher sends out a crate of Pi▀wasser - full review inside

"You're in for a good time" reads the label on the back of Rockstar's Pi▀wasser beer bottles, which have just arrived on a packed-out trolley at the CVG office.

"Enjoy the crisp, salty taste of Pi▀wasser. The German fighting lager of choice for the more discerning binge drinker. Brewed from Rice, barley, hops and the fresh urine of Bavarian virgins."

There's even a sound piece of advice: "Warning: May cause karaoke and domestic violence."

We're always impressed when a game publisher sends us beer, so here are our initial impressions:


Tasting reveals that it is not, in fact Holston Pils with a new label slapped on the front, and it's tastes just as strong as the 5% vol marking suggests - and it has a hint of Belgium about it as well.

We're not singing just yet but Gav did slap Andy in face for not opening the bottle with his teeth. But he's from the North so we'll let him off this time.

Check back this afternoon for the full, pissed as a badger review, or you can read our verdict on GTA IV the game here. And here's the walkthrough if you get stuck.