GTA on XBLA soon?

Mysterious clock appears on official GTA2 site, long-rumoured XBLA/PSN version imminent?

A mysterious timer clock has appeared on the official site for Grand Theft Auto 2. Yes, that's right; the ten-year-old game.

The clock on the official site seems to be counting neither up or down (the minutes don't change) but the date 'May 22' is clearly displayed underneath.

Could the long-rumoured Xbox Live Arcade and PSN versions of Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2 be just around the corner then? We can't think of anything else it could be relating to - the game's quite old, after all.

Rockstar's UK office was unfortunately unavailable to comment when we picked up the phone (they're probably playing Cops 'n Crooks), but we'll let you know when the time ticks away.

UPDATE: Rockstar has confirmed to CVG that the countdown is, in fact, really bloody old. Nine years old in fact, and was originally counting down to GTA2's release until it reappeared recently via error. Doh.