Iwata hints at Wii storage space solution

He knows some of you are already running out of space

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has hinted that Nintendo is looking into a solution to the problem of people running out of storage space on Wii.

Speaking last week to investors about Nintendo's latest fiscal term, Iwata was asked whether the memory situation could be improved. He replied:

"Statistically speaking, it is true that there are a small number of customers who feel that the flash memory is too small, while many others find that they have plenty of memory.

"However, because this small number of people are none other than the most avid players, we know we have to review the best possible solution to eliminate their inconvenience."

Review, Iwata? Here's a review for you - Wii storage space: 2/10. And here's a tip too. Make a hard drive. It's not rocket science, really.