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Race Driver: Grid Le Mans trailer

Codemasters' street racer tempts us away from Burnout

We had a lot of fun in Paradise City, but if Race Driver: Grid plays as good as it looks Burnout's reign as king of arcade racers could be limited.

Grid takes a less serious approach to racing than Codemasters' renowned TOCA series, with cars that can be thrown sideways into bends at mental speeds.

As well as a huge solo career mode, the game packs dozens of Japanese sports cars to throw about, a range of different race events on courses and it city streets, and "incident-packed" 12-player online racing.

Besides all that, it looks frickin' sweet. Check the video - an interview with Le Mans racer Felipe Ortiz, talking about the Le Mans races in the game.

The game's due out in "early summer".