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Exclusive in-game Age of Conan footage

Funcom's game flexes its MMO biceps in two new movies

Unless you've been hiding under a slimy rock over the past few months you'll be well aware that Funcom's MMO Age of Conan charges into the UK and Europe on May 23.

But in the meantime, AoC publisher Eidos has handed CVG two exclusive movies that in total pack in around eight minutes of monster slaying, with Funcom's ever enthusiastic Erling Ellingsen on hand to talk through what's on display.

On top of that there's screenshots to eyeball here on this very page.

Age of Conan's based on the universe created by author Robert E. Howard and is breaking new ground in the MMO genre by introducing real-time combat that wouldn't be that out of place in a single-player action-RPG. It caters to both PvE and PvP camps, with major raid instances and siege warfare being two key highlights of the end-game content.