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Sony's DualShocker

No rumble action for Euro PS3 owners yet...

Sony's PlayStation Day event has come and gone, but there was still no mention of when Euro PS3 gamers will be getting the rumbling DualShock 3.

Japan has been rumbling since last year, and the US got its shaking pads on April 15, but Europe is still in the dark.

It appeared to be game on when SCE Australia confirmed an April 24 release for upside-down land, which is a PAL region like UK, and is usually grouped with SCE Europe in release schedules.

Sony, however, told CVG that the announcement was specific to Australia and did not include UK or Europe.

"Australia is in the unique situation that they have completely sold out of SixAxis controllers and as a result we have had to decide on the best way to ensure consumers in Australia can buy controllers for PS3."

We pestered Sony for an update and were simply told: "We have not yet announced a release date for DualShock3 in the UK."

Fingers crossed a date is made official before the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4 in June.