Spirit of Tribes lives on in Fallen Empire

Gameplay footage from GarageGames's browser-based multiplayer shooter

GarageGames boasts ex-members of Tribes development house Dynamix, so it's unsurprising that its game Fallen Empire: Legions is reminiscent of the hardcore multiplayer series. New gameplay footage is viewable in our video player.

The FPS is browser-based and uses InstantAction, a 3D online platform coded by boffins at GarageGames.

Fallen Empire project director Tim Aste has said the game delivers an experience that takes the FPS genre back to its roots, adding, "Legions won't be just any ordinary jewel matching web game; in terms of graphics and gameplay it will set a new benchmark of what the future of gaming will be on the web".

More about Fallen Empire: Legions in this preview.