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Win a BMW by playing the Grid demo

XBL and PSN demo live today, Codemasters gives away a car

A pretty hefty demo of Race Driver: Grid has just launched on Xbox Live (and later today on PSN) including a time trial competition for which Codemasters will be giving away a BMW 3-Series.

The single-player Grid World events and 12 player online racing would usually be the main attractions of a demo. But you might want to join the lap-time geeks in the Time Trial mode, because there's a beemer in it for the fastest lap time.

Instead of Codies just keeping an eye on the leaderboards though, you have to submit your fastest time through the official site. Then they authenticate it, and the top five players at midnight on Friday, May 23 will compete in a finalists play-off.


Codies will lob the vroom vroom to whoever wins the head-to-head races at the final in the Zavvi Store on Oxford Street, London, on the game's May 30 launch day.

Also in the demo: "Take to the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT-R on the streets of San Francisco in the eBay Motors Muscle Cup; in Japan, compete in a Nissan S15 Silvia in the Advan Drift Trophy at Yokohama Docks, while the sweeping curves and hairpins of the Jarama circuit in Spain plays host to the Euro Touring Cars championship featuring BMW 320si touring cars."

Oh, and here are three new screens to peek at while you download the demo.