New WoW: Lich King Death Knights details emerge

Information on expansion pack spills over the net

Brand new details about Blizzard's upcoming WoW expansion Wrath of the Lich King have emerged online, boasting a whole heap of content that almost convinces us to re-activate our WoW accounts.

Of most interest is the new information on the Death Knights. They will be available to players who have a level 55 character or above, with an additional limit of one Knight per realm.

They'll start off at level 55 and handily have a mixture of green and blue armour. If that isn't good enough, you'll be please to know it will be further upgraded by the first few quests players will encounter.

Additionally, the Death Knights will have a Raise Dead spell, which converts dead units into ghouls that will serve the Knights. The spell can be used on player characters too, so you can resurrect your friends for a time to help in a tight spot. Sorry though - you won't have any influence over PCs when you do.

Aside from the Death Knights, there are a few other things that take our interest. New mounts will probably be able to carry passengers, so low-level characters no longer need to spend months running from one side of Azeroth to the other if they've got a more experienced friend.

Unlike the previous expansion pack, there will be no event to open the route to the new content, either. A patch a month or two before release will however give players hints that they will soon have to go to Northend.

And you'll be able to restyle your hair for a price, too. Which is great if you made your character look like a gimp for a laugh at the beginning and have lived to regret it.