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Interview: CEO Ray Muzyka talks Mass Effect PC

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I actually think it's going to be one of best handheld games when it comes out, from an RPG experience.

But we're not abandoning our traditional market. Mass Effect is an example of where we're trying to innovate and do some different things in terms of digital actors and we're continuing that with games like Dragon Age.

We haven't announced much about that recently but we have big plans to talk about that a lot more later in the year. It's sitting in BioWare's sweet spot. It's delivering this epic, aspirational fantasy experience that the fans of Baldur's Gate will love, Neverwinter Nights, and it's going to be equally rich.

You think Sonic can be made to fit a universe where he isn't constantly running at speed?

Muzyka: You know, there's a surprising amount of depth in that universe when you explore the TV shows and the comics and all the novels and all the games.

It's got a lot of very action-orientated elements - you'd expect that with Sonic. You'd expect the characters to move really fast, and they do, but they also interact and have a little dialogue. You can get as much or as little into that as you want.

There's back-story for the characters you can find out and there's also this really compelling quest that takes you around the world so you get to explore some of the Sonic universe. It's kind of a mix of different elements and it's going to be really fun for Sonic fans, but it's also going to be fun for people that just want a great experience on the DS.

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