Sam Houser: I'm the most conservative guy you'll meet

"I have a panic attack if I get a parking ticket," says the man behind GTA

Rockstar's Sam Houser has given a rare interview to the Wall Street Journal. When we say 'interview' there aren't actually that many quotes given by Houser. But fans of the developer won't want to miss it.

The Wall Street Journal writes: "Mr. Houser, 36 years old, sports a scruffy beard that stretches to the top of his chest. In a rare interview, he joked that associates have described him as a 'lunatic' -- a reference to his creative intensity.

"Last year his studio hired a spiritual healer to exorcise bad vibes after the deaths of two fellow employees. He makes a habit of walking the streets of New York to study a hidden underworld of ex-cons, vagrants and other Diane Arbus-worthy subjects. Some of them have inspired characters in his games."

The article then goes on to talk more about the possible EA / Take-Two deal, with Houser calling EA boss John Riccitiello 'the real deal'.

"I'm not someone who has any kind of problem with that," said Houser on any potential acquisition, adding EA turned him down for a job in the late 1990s. Funny how things turn out.

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