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UK Wii Software launch line-up confirmed

And it's slightly different to the US one

Nintendo has confirmed the eight titles that will be launching with Wii Software when it launches on May 20 this year.

The list differs slightly to the American launch, replacing Defend your Castle and VIP Casino Blackjack with Star Soldier R and Pirates: The Key of Dreams.

Star Soldier R is a Hudson shoot-em-up that looks quite pretty and is pretty damned hard. It was part of the Japanese launch and was one of the titles we most wanted to play on the service, so we're quite happy at its inclusion.

Pirates: The Key of Dreams, however, is simply baffling. According to Nintendo, it's a shoot-em-up also, but set in the Caribbean. As well as blasting people with cannons, you loot boats, run blockades and rescue castaways to bolster your crew.

We haven't got a shred of proof that it will be good, but it sounds interesting. It's just a shame that it's replaced Defend Your Castle. Here's the list in full:

  • Dr. Mario & Germ Buster
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
  • Lost Winds
  • Pirates: The Key of Dreams
  • Pop
  • Star Soldier R
  • Toki Tori
  • TV Show King