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Wii tops six million mark in Japan

Over 4% of Japanese population own one now

Enterbrain is reporting that Nintendo has sold six million Wii units in Japan alone, putting the console over the 25 million sales mark worldwide.

Japan has a population of 128 million, which means that 4.68% of the Japanese populace now owns a Wii.

The article also states that two million Japanese people have bought Wii Fit. At least, that's what we think the AltaVista Translation means when it says, "Wii fitting 200 ten thousand, with double mark breaking."

To put it in perceptive, the PlayStation 2 has sold just over twenty million units in Japan. After being on the market since 2000.

So what we're saying is - that's a shed-load of sales for something that might as well be called the Mario Kart machine. Personal opinion, obviously.