Crisis Core hits UK next month

Plus pre-order exclusive version revealed

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, prequel to the legendary PSone RPG (that we're still playing to this day), will hit UK stores on June 20.

We've had to wait an elephant's generation longer than the Japanese to see it over here (as usual with FF games) but it was worth the wait because our version comes with a slew of "additional gameplay challenges" not in the Japanese version.

Square also hopes to tempt us into an early pre-order frenzy by offering an exclusive special-edition version of the game, with hardback artwork book and slipcase, with "selected online retailers". You have to get in there quick though.

Check out this import review for the lowdown on the game's new battle system, plot and how brilliantly it all unfolds on the small screen. There are 12 new screens for you below, too.