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11 new bits of Fallout 3 art

Featuring Brahmin, Nuka-Cola and the Mad Max jacket

11 new pieces of concept art for the anticipated RPG have been posted, featuring a bunch of old favourites from the original.

The concept art shows off early designs for Super Mutants, fashion in the wasteland, home-made weapons and a whole lot of radiation infected creatures.

Players of the previous Fallout titles will notice the two-headed cow Brahmin, a Radscorpion, as well as a woman wearing a leather outfit to the Mad Max styled clothing from the original.

The art also shows a few deviations for series, including a Super Mutant so big he can carry a Brahmin on his left shoulder and a radiated man with tentacles coming out of his mouth. Either that or he's got a couple of really long tongues.


Concept artist Adam Adamowicz says this is about Bethesda making the series its own. Speaking about the Super Mutants, he said: "Not only did they wield parking meters like police batons, but they carried their victims caged in shopping carts strapped to their backs. You know, just in case they got peckish after a fight, and wanted a snack."

Which is funny. Especially as Super Mutants never used to eat people.