Words and pictures

If PSM3 could only take one of these forms, what would you plump for?

Evening all, it's Nathan here.

Back before I started working on PSM3 (nee: PSM2) I, like you, used to head down to the shops each month in pursuit of the magazine. I'd take it home, tear off the bag and then thoroughly flick through the latest issue with joy. But although I did appreciate the usually informative words (I'll never forgive Dan for his low score of Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 but he doesn't know this. Until now.) I only ever wanted to see new screen-shots.

It's true. I didn't care for the craft that had gone into the features/previews/reviews words, I wanted my fix of screens and I could rest happy for another month. To be honest, I did read the captions and the Bog Read (God rest it's soul) and a few other bits like Last Laugh (when it was written by Yes Man author and Test the Nation host, Danny Wallace) but my money was spent mostly for the new shots.

This got me thinking, if PSM3 could only exist in text-only or picture-only format, which way would you choose? Do bear in mind, that in this twisted universe it would mean that either Milf and Rich would be taken out back and 'dealt with' like Old Yeller or the rest of us would be cast into the abyss.

So what's it to be; words or pictures? And don't worry, we're not about to change PSM3 into some sort of comic or 116 page novel. This is just for fun.

Have a great weekend.