New screens from The Force Unleashed

Lots of scrap metal to throw about with The Force

Seven new screenshots from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed have cropped up, showing a busted up Stormtrooper and a Rodian in sunglasses. We think LucasArts has revealed pretty much everything in the game by now.

By the looks of these (admittedly, fantastic looking) screenshots, the game is a lot like prequel era Star Wars, with big mushrooms and lots of alien looking planets instead of BBC sets and forests in Hertfordshire.

And lots of debris. Presumably because all of the war stuff happens between the two film trilogies when the game takes place. Just a quick thought - surely this would have made a better movie than the political dramas of the prequels?


Anyway (and putting our frustrations aside), cinema's loss is our gain. There are plenty of objects to throw at enemies and lots of sharp surfaces to impale adversaries on, plus a lightsaber to cut albino Rancor's into bits. Considering players will be taking control of a homicidal Dark Jedi, we can't imagine a setting more suited to the character.

Well, maybe the temple with the kiddie Jedi in out of Episode 3. Maybe that will be a bonus round.