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UEFA Euro 2008

Pretend the Steve McClaren era never happened

The EA bigwigs must have shat themselves when the wally with the brolly and his bunch of overpaid, overrated underachievers crashed out of Euro 2008 before the tournament even began. After all, which Englishman would want to buy a footy game without England being in it?

Well fear not, because EA has 'cheated', letting you rewrite history by either playing through the qualifiers, or if you can't be arsed to struggle against the likes of the mighty Andorra again, you can skip straight to the tournament itself and simply swap one of the teams for England. Unfortunately you still have to suffer the sight of a gnarly-looking, ineffective McClaren on the sidelines.

Continuing where FIFA 08 left off, the new Captain Your Country mode is a variation on that game's Be A Pro mode. Here you create a new player or choose an existing star and must try to force your way into the Euro 2008 first team and eventually captain the side by controlling that player in 'B' matches, friendlies and qualifiers.

It isn't much fun playing on your own against the stodgy AI opposition, but with three mates all choosing other players to control it's amazing how tense and competitive matches become, especially since you can see your individual match rating constantly changing on-screen.

Same difference?
In gameplay terms there isn't really a lot to differentiate this from FIFA 08, though it is a bit quicker and easier to score - which should please FIFA 08 fans no end. The presentation has been beefed up yet another notch too, and you'll see players reacting badly to being substituted, managers prowling the touchline and rain lashing down.

Interactive goal celebrations is a gimmicky new feature which you control using various button and analogue stick combos, and they're only really worthwhile for rubbing the noses of complete strangers in the dirt whenever you are playing online.

There isn't really enough new stuff to recommend this if you already have FIFA 08, but then UEFA EURO 2008 is all about serving a purpose - and that purpose is to banish the memories of England's failure to qualify. In that sense, it's more therapeutic than entertaining - and we are thankful.

The verdict

This is FIFA 08 with the Euro 2008 license slapped on. Don't expect anything different and you'll be treated to the beautiful game. FIFA fans will enjoy, PES 08 fans may well not.

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