Is your PS3 toxic?

Well, a little, but not as bad as its rivals...

Greenpeace have taken a break from hassling Soviet whalers to find out which of the three big consoles are the most damaging to the environment. And guess what? Sony came out top.

"The games industry is changing our way of life," said a Greenpeace spokesperson. "If it does not take the challenge upon itself to be more green we are going to be in deep trouble very, very soon."

Tests revealed that the PS3 contains bromine-free circuit boards, unlike Wii and Xbox 360. Bromine is BAD and TOXIC and can't be properly recycled, so we win that round, even if we don't sell more consoles than Microsoft. Take that, Gates!

It also contains less PVC than the Xbox, but the fan housing does contain massive levels of bromine, so Sony sort of shot themselves in the foot with that.

We're not massive environmentalists here at PSM3, but it's good to see that Sony have won the environmental console war.