Ace Combat 6 DLC landing May 29

Details and shots of the new planes on the way next week

Namco Bandai will be adding a fleet of new planes to its surprisingly popular flight sim, Ace Combat 6, in new DLC packs launching May 29.

Five separate download packs will bring a total of nine new planes to the game, if you fancy spending the points to get them all, that is.

The Su-47 -Grabacr Emblem, comes alone and is free (just the way we like it). The Su-33 - Type Ace2 plane will set you back 200 MS Points (around £1.70).

300 MS Points (about £2.75) gets you the Razgriz Set 04, containing three more planes. There's a two-plane Jungle flamingo set, which will also go for 300 points, and for a hefty 400 points (£3.40) you can get another two planes in the oddly-named Idolmaster Ami,mami Set.

Whether you'll want to blow 1200 points on some planes is another issue, but there's some screens of them below, if you're minted and actually considering it.