PSW Issue 108 on sale now!

Reviews on the biggest PS3 games are in!

Read the final verdicts on MGS4 and Haze, plus an exclusive Killzone 2 hands-on... unmissable!

So, Haze then. This was meant to be a game to showcase the power of Sony's shiny black box of tricks, a PS3 exclusive to wow, but the end result has recently caused outcry and controversy across the web. American gamers who got their hands on Free Radical's shooter ahead of us here in the UK haven't been kind. We know the real score this game deserves and it's in the first UK review on sale now. Issue 108 of PSW has the definitive verdict on the Free Radical shooter that promised so much in terms of story, co-op and slick FPS gameplay - some UK reviews even suggest it could be on a par with Call Of Duty 4 (really?!?). Get the latest issue of PSW, and read the real truth about Haze.

We also have that other big PS3 exclusive this issue, with the Final Verdict on Metal Gear Solid 4. Our man spent three days playing the final game, completed it and delivered his spoiler free verdict on Kojima's end to the Solid Snake saga. Fancy knowing what a real PS3 platform exclusive should be like? Then read the Final Verdict on MGS4 in issue 108 of PSW, on sale now.

There's also an in-depth exclusive play through of Killzone 2, yet another platform exclusive. Sony were kind enough to visit us with code for the game for a massive playtest, including all-new info and insight on the controls, the new coverfire system, story and squad mechanics - including details on some returning characters from the original Killzone! If you want the real scoop and insider knowledge on Sony's killer shooter you need to read PSW issue 108, on sale now.

That's three massive PS3 platform exclusives, Haze, MGS4 and Killzone 2 all in issue 108 of PSW, on sale now. We also have the first ever details and screens of EA's new online Lord Of The Rings game, new images of Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows and updates on PS3's biggest games, including Resident Evil 5, Prototype and Resistance 2.

Get issue 108 of PSW, on sale now for the definitive reviews and impressions of Haze, MGS4 and Killzone 2!