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White Gold

Preview: Boiling Point devs go the Caribbean

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Shop owners, taxi drivers, local punks - all will judge you depending on your standing with the local cartels.

The flora and fauna, meanwhile, is mostly there to look pretty or shoot at: sharks, leopards, snakes, piranhas and big scary spiders will chase after you, but parrots, chickens, rats and the like will also make an appearance.

So, are there any fears of an unfinished game appearing? "With Boiling Point there were lots of difficulties that kicked in during our beta stage, which were largely overlooked by our publisher who rushed the game into production," laments Sergey.

"We've now learned how to properly plan our tasks and identify possible difficulties so we can advance day by day with all our projects."

What's more, fans of Boiling Point will be relieved to hear that the ability to walk into a bar, get steaming drunk and then stare lop-sidedly at a scantily-clad lady will remain an important part of the game. God bless freedom in gaming.

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