MS launching Xbox Live studio

Dedicated to creating "big original XBLA games"

Microsoft is "putting its money where its mouth is" and launching a full-on, first party studio dedicated to creating games and content for Xbox Live, service manager Marc Whitten has revealed.

Speaking to, Whitten said that the fully funded studio will be responsible for creating "high quality digital content" for the Xbox 360 online service.

"The main idea behind the concept is to invest deeply in developing original content that will be compelling and exclusive to Xbox Live," said Whitten. "This is a place where we've redoubled our commitment and I'm putting both dollars and people behind new games that push the quality and the bounds of the system.

"Wish I could share more today, but definitely stay tuned on this, as we have some very exciting things in the works including some big original XBLA games we will be announcing soon."

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