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10 epic Shadow Of The Colossus moments

Feature: A nostalgic look and one of PS2's best

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8. The giant eel
How do you defeat a colossus that spends pretty much all of its time submerged in water? And has crackling electric spines lining its back? Well, it takes a while to figure out, but the fur on its spine is a big clue. Grab hold when it arches it back and you can edge your way across whenever it rises above the water line. The scariest moment is when it plunges deep into the blackness of the water, dragging you with it...


9. Grabbing the giant eagle
Most things in Colossus can be grabbed. You can grab fish and be pulled through the water, you can grab a tortoise and be dragged across the ground... but best of all you can grab an eagle's talons and be flown through the sky. But don't try it with regular eagles - your weight will pull them down. You have to find a giant-sized one, near the dead tree in the middle of the map. Grab it for a spectacular flight.


10. Leap of faith
After chasing it across the desert for ten minutes you soon realise that the only way to grab hold of the thirteenth colossus' jumbo jet-sized wings is to leap from your horse's back while he's sprinting at full pelt. Cue the game's most terrifying stunt as you attempt to time a precise jump and grab onto a moving target while hurtling across the level at high velocity. And if that wasn't enough, to lure it low enough for you to grab the wings in the first place, you have to fire your bow - while still moving - at giant glowing 'sacks' under its belly. Hardcore.

The ones we didn't pick...
Battle scars
As the colossi fall, the wanderer gets more and more dishevelled. By the time you reach the last battle, he's covered in scuffs, scars and bruises and his clothes are tattered and ruined - a good visual indicator of your progress. And it looks cool too.

The final colossus
When you first see this enormous brute he points at you ominously before unleashing a barrage of what look like laser beams. During the battle, a storm brews and explodes in the sky as the score reaches its most epic peak yet. Shame he's one of the easiest to beat.

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