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Rock Band beats iTunes

New Motley Crue song downloaded way more times on Rock Band than iTunes

Motley Crue recently dished up its new single, Saints of Los Angeles, as a Rock Band download even though the album isn't out until the end of next month.

But according to Reuters it was downloaded over 47,000 times on Xbox 360 while the track received around 10,000 downloads via iTunes and Amazon. And that's a win for Rock Band.

The band's management boss Allen Kovac says, "We do research on every artist we have, and the research said that the people who bought Motley Crue music and tickets play Rock Band and video games ... (so) it was our inclination to go there. As marketers, it's our job to find the audience. If our audience tells us they're sitting at Xbox and PlayStation, that's our job to do that."

The report goes on to say that in a little over six months the number of songs downloaded for Rock Band has surpassed 10 million. The UK version launched last week.

"The resurgence of rock has happened because of Rock Band and Guitar Hero," added Kovac. "And the reason is because of the interaction with the audience. The more music marketing people look at interaction with the audience as opposed to only radio or a video, the more lasting the experience will be and the longer the artists' career will be."

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