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UbiDays: Shaun White snowboarder revealed

Promising a truly open mountain to explore on PS3, 360

You probably don't remember Ubisoft snapping up the rights for pro-snowboarder Shaun White back in 2006, but it's finally been revealed...

Shaun White's Snowboarding is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 and promises a "truly open mountain" to explore, as well as some very promising-sounding online features.

16 players can slide down Ubisoft's mountain at any one time, dropping in and out of games to take pictures of each other's stunts, battle out in trick competitions and even manipulate the scenery (such as pushing down a tree) to make unique routes. It sounds a lot light Burnout Paradise, on snow.

On the customisation side there's the obligatory create-a-rider screen, terrain customisation and the crucial addition of a SKATE-style in-game video editor, for sharing decent stunt runs with the community.