Slash: Games turn kids into "zombies"

Ex-Gun N Roses man says games promote lethargy in kids. A bit like pumping themselves full of drugs, eh Slash?

Lead Guns N Roses axe man Slash (originally from sunny Stoke) has been talking to the US Guitar World mag about his involvement in the massive Guitar Hero franchise.

Besides actually admitting to knowing what Activision is, he spoke about how the game could get kids into music they wouldn't otherwise listen to and even pick up a real guitar. Maybe...

"The thing about video games is that they do promote this sort of lethargy in kids," he said. "They turn into gaming zombies. So I understand the concern that people who play Guitar Hero would never pick up a real guitar. But I think it's the opposite effect."

But learning the guitar for real is a totally different thing. "It takes some work, and maybe it's not quite as exciting or instantly gratifying. But what turned me on to guitar when I was kid was that all you have to do is play that one chord that hits you straight in the heart. And that's pretty simple to do. Plus, kids are being exposed to all this killer rock and roll that's programmed into the game that they would not otherwise hear."

There's been a lot of talk about artists keeping their music alive and reaching new audiences through the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock band. Something Mr. Slash believes is very true.

"A lot of people have been asking 'Is this the new wave of how people are going to be exposed to music?' I though that was sort of like a joke question when I first heard it, but I'm starting to realise that, given the current state of the music business, it might be. Because the kids are into it, and the possibilities are endless in terms of what you can expose them to through this medium."

Steady on Slash.