Far Cry 2 single-player "close to 50 hours"

"Gamers will get their money's worth," producer tells CVG

The single-player campaign in FarCry 2 alone could keep gamers occupied for up 50 hours, says the game's producer, Louis-Pierre Pharand.

We knew, just by looking at the game's enormous free-roaming environments, that it would be big, but 50 hours is epic. You can take a look at the official trailer here.

"Just on single alone, gamers can potentially have close to 50 hours of game play," Pharand told CVG, when we asked if he'd considered adding a co-op mode to the game.

"We decided to abandon it for this instalment simply because of the complexity and size of the game," he said. "Add the Multi experience & the Map Editor... gamers will have their money's worth with FarCry2."

Check out the full interview here and look out for hands-on impressions soon.