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Chart-Track: PS3 ahead of 360 by 10% in 2008

Although GTA IV has turned things around since its launch

PS3 outsold Xbox 360 in the UK by ten percent during the first 21 weeks of 2008, but Microsoft's system has been catching up rapidly since Grand Theft Auto IV's release, according to Chart-Track panel sales.

Dorian Bloch of UK sales monitor Chart-Track told Next-Gen that year-to-date PS3 sales are ten percent ahead of Xbox 360 sales. The news isn't all bad for Microsoft though, as the "360 has caught up thanks to the GTA IV effect," since prior to the game's release the PS3 was 20 percent ahead this calendar year.

Comparing sales of both consoles during the four weeks prior to GTA IV's launch to sales during the four weeks since its release, 360 sales have risen 47 percent, compared to an eight percent increase in PS3 sales.

Bloch also revealed that UK GTA IV sales have now hit approximately 1.35m units, meaning that after just four weeks the game has sold almost as many units as 2007's biggest seller, FIFA 08. To date, 57 percent of GTA IV sales have been for 360, totalling around 769,500 units, in comparison to 580,500 PS3 copies sold.

Bloch was keen to stress that the figures are based on Chart-Track panel sales and are not up-weighted to estimate sales across the total UK market.

Article supplied by Next-Gen