Exclusive: Fracture Webdoc

Watch: Eight minutes of info and in-game footage

The team behind Fracture is trying to do something new with a unique ground-bending (yes, you read that right) gun called the Entrencher. Get an exclusive look behind the scenes in this new Fracture webdoc.

The eight-minute video contains masses of in-game footage, as well as inside details from the developers at Day 1 studios.

Denny Thorley, president of Day 1, kicks off with a brief run-through of the game's futuristic premise, set in the year 2161 when the US has split into to rival factions and clash in a huge war with genetically modified soldiers.


Various members of the dev team talk you through the new terrain deformation system, which sees you use a gun called the Entrencher to create hills and craters in the ground. This throws up interesting battle scenarios as you pull up parts of the ground to create cover, or solve neat puzzles as you manipulate the environment.

The video also reveals loads of in-depth plot details and profiles for each of the game's major characters, while in-game footage shows off exactly what you can do with the mighty Entrencher.

Fracture is heading to PS3 and 360 for an October release. Hit the thumbnail on the right to see the video, then check out the brand new screens below.