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Crysis follow-up reveal "in the very near future"?

No more updates for Crysis, developer confirms, and we'll find out why in the "very, very near future"

Crytek has confirmed that there will "almost certainly" not be any more updates for its show-off FPS Crysis, teasing that we'll find out why "in the very, very near future".

The news comes from the developer's latest (and first, by the looks of it) Crysis monthly update, in which it urges community members to "not miss the next Crysis Monthly Update coming to you in June!" Oo-eer.

As you'd imagine the not-so-vague 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge' from the German studio has sent the sequel/expansion rumours into defcon 5.

We've left a message with EA, who we're reliably told are scrambling to get us the official word right now, and will let you know what it is shortly.