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First 007 Quantum of Solace gameplay info

GamesMaster magazine spills the beans

The first solid details for Activision's new Bond game, 007 Quantum of Solace, have turned up in GamesMaster magazine.

The game, according to the preview, contains levels and sets from both Casino Royale and the Quantum of Solace films, although only CR levels were shown.

GM says that the core FPS gameplay is broken up with third-person elements, supposedly to remind you that you're "being" Bond, which sounds like an idea straight from the 'brand' department.

The mag compares the game's cover system to that of GTA IV, where the camera pulls out to an external view so you can see Bond on screen against the wall with his enemies in the background. A bit like erm, every cover system then.

The game also switches to third-person views in action sequences, like climbing ladders, walking along ledges and such, as well as for "God of War-style" quick-time events that let you pull off takedowns to dispense enemies quickly and quietly.

One quick-time event has you play through that fantastic chase at the start of Casino Royale, although GM notes that free running ninja Sebastien Foucan's likeness won't be in the game.

Speaking of the AI, GM observes that enemies use flank tactics and communicate with each other.

These details and more, plus the first ever in-game screenshots, can be found in a preview in issue 200 of GamesMaster, which appears on shelves on Wednesday (or through subscribers' letterboxes right now).