Video: Mario Kart Wii DLC released

New Galaxy Arena added for latest tournament

Nintendo has put out actual new download content for Mario Kart Wii in the form of a new arena and enemy, straight from Super Mario Galaxy.

The new Galaxy Arena is a simple circular arena without barriers set in space, and is home to new enemies, the Spikey Topmen, who barge Mario around in SMG.

These goodies come as part of a new online tournament in which you have to barge four of the spinny gits off the stage in as short a time as possible.

You can see footage of the stage in action below, as we bang in a decent time of 53 seconds (don't laugh at our 2.20min practice round time). Or at least we thought it was decent until we saw the world-leading time of 13 seconds.

The unfortunate catch is that you can only play on this admittedly basic arena in the tournament mode, not in multiplayer.

Still, we're just excited to see new game content delivered via internet pipes to our Wii. It's a positive sign...