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FIFA 09: "250 key improvements"

Improved responsiveness and revamped collision system detailed in mag

EA has made "250 key improvements" to the 2009 version of FIFA, including improved responsiveness and a revamped collision system, reveals the first-look preview in the latest GamesMaster mag.

Among the improvements in the new FIFA, which is due out in Autumn, are "improved responsiveness that allows for quicker release of the ball, greater urgency in the off-the-ball running, a new jostle system that takes into account the strength of the players when going shoulder to shoulder and subtle animations that enable players to take first-time shots."

That's four out of the 250 then. Another of the 09 edition's biggest changes is a completely revamped collision system, which calculates speed, weight and power when the players collide, as each player will have their own individual strength and power stats.

This time around, the defender won't always win, and this could potentially change challenges completely.

Although GM notes the new system makes tumbles look far more realistic, it's not just a visual change. For example, if a tackle comes in and hits a player's standing leg there's a good chance he'll go down hard, taking him out of the game. But if the player is in mid-strike and gets clipped, he could lose his balance but continue running.

That's the current-gen version then. On the PS2 space, EA says it's focusing on tweaking rather than reinventing the game, although as with PS3 and 360 it's focused on making a more realistic collision system.

The Wii version meanwhile is set to feature multiple control methods, one said to play just like PES on Wii, another where passing is automatic and 'Footii' mode, an 8-aside, arcade-y Mii match.

That's your lot for now. For more details, plus the first ever in-game screenshots, check issue 200 of GamesMaster, which appears on shelves on Wednesday (or through subscribers' letterboxes right now).