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Crysis Warhead revealed - first details

A new main character and fancy subtitle for Crytek's follow-up

It looks like the rumours were true; Crytek has launched the official website for Crysis Warhead, the follow-up to its chilly 2007 FPS.

It's only an image and a logo at the moment, but we've heard that the bloke in the teaser pic is indeed the annoying English marine Psycho, who replaces the original's protagonist Nomad in the nano suit.

Crytek confirmed last week that there will "almost certainly" not be any more updates for the original game, and that we'll find out why "in the very, very near future". Now we know.

Other than that there's not much to go on. Is it a full sequel? Will it be released on consoles? Rumours for the latter are still going strong, but we're sure all we be revealed when magazines blow their scoops in the next week...