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Crysis Warhead: PC exclusive, first details

Parallel storyline, more guns for standalone expansion

After yesterday's website tease, EA has officially detailed Crysis Warhead, which turns out to be a standalone expansion to the original PC shooter.

In an Half-Life: Opposing Forces-style twist, Warhead lets you replay the events of the original game as annoying British marine Sergeant 'Psycho' Sykes, who you might've seen acting like an mentalist the first time around.

Apparently Psycho's equipped with an even bigger arsenal of weapons and vehicles than the other nanosuit bloke, which means that life on the other side of the Crysis island is "even more explosive" than before, says EA.

"We were very pleased with the reception of Crysis from both gamers and media after our launch last year," said Cevat Yerli, CEO and President of Crytek. "

That being said, one of the key principles of our studio is to always raise the bar. With Warhead, we are focusing on refining our storytelling and game performance, while also delivering more of the visually stunning graphics and immersive, free-roaming gameplay everyone loved in Crysis."

And before you ask; it's still PC exclusive. For now.

For a massive first look and in-game screenshots, wait for issue 196 of PC Zone, which is out on June 19.