Left 4 Dead

The online game of the year

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We don't try to kid ourselves that we can just stick in the standard Halo controls and it'll work, which perhaps some other folks are guilty of. "It's all tuning - the speed, how much aiming correction you put in there. There's no secret sauce; it's just doing it over and over again and getting a lot of feedback. "Console testing hasn't gone into external playtest yet, but that'll be going on throughout the summer as we head toward certification," continues Doug.

For now though, it's on the PC where we search for our fallen comrades in locked cupboards and supply rooms. Two men down courtesy of a Molotov accident while fleeing from the Witch, we see the marker denoting where our deceased friends are imprisoned, and in the hurry toward them we split up. The infected smell the weakness and descend upon us like locusts. The third man fallen, one lone survivor clambers over stacks of boxes, scrambling backwards, emptying the final rounds from his two pistols into the ravenous horde, fleeing toward an air duct high above. Too slow, too stupid, too poorly armed, and far too late. When you die, you die alone.

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