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GTA IV DLC delayed Take-Two's 2009 fiscal year

Take-Two has confirmed that the first installment of downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV has been pushed back to its first quarter of 2009.

In the company's call to investors today, CEO Ben Feder claimed that the delay was, in fact, completely by choice. "The reason we moved it is more about portfolio balance than anything else... the delay is not about development issues," he said.

"The 2009 release of this highly anticipated episode will provide better balance among top titles," he said.

We just put his words through our corporate PR translator and it told us Take-Two has already made a few hundred truckloads of money this year, so releasing the DLC next fiscal year makes a lot of sense.

Tellingly, the PlayStation 3 isn't mentioned.

UPDATE: The same PR translator has since alerted us that T2's Q1 09 begins in November, and ends in January. Woops.