BioWare working on KotOR 3

Ex employee spills the beans on KotOR MMO, plus new Wii lightsaber game and others...

An ex-employee of LucasArts has leaked details regarding a number of titles in development, including a BioWare-developed Knights of the Old Republic MMO.

The source has told Kotaku that he is one of 75-100 employees laid off in a massive shake-up yesterday, including the producer of the Lego Star Wars and Indy titles.

As well as KotOR 3, the ex-staffer spilled the beans on production going ahead with Battlefront 3 (which we exclusively revealed is being developed by Free Radical), a new (non-Lego) Indy game (although we knew about that) and a Wii lightsaber game.

Considering the leak comes from an ex-LucasArts employee, we're not expecting a confirmation of these titles any time soon. Still, we know that LucasArts and Bioware are working on *something* together. We'll have to see.