Sonic Unleashed for November, Aliens slips to '09

Plus Yakuza 2, Space Siege, Madworld, Alpha Protocol

Sega has unveiled a whole bunch of release dates for its upcoming line-up, including Sonic Unleashed, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Space Siege.

The dare we say, promising looking Sonic Unleashed has been given a strong November date, while Gearbox's Aliens FPS Colonial Marines has unfortunately slipped into 2009.

Chris Taylor's Space Siege has also been branded with a June 27 date and Yakuza 2 is tapped for September.

Whilst we're happy to see that Golden Axe Riders and Sonic Unleashed should be hitting shelves in September and November this year respectively, the news that Aliens: Colonial Marines won't be arriving until next year makes us want to vomit acidic blood.

Hopefully with the extra time Gearbox'll be able to shape the Alien FPS we've all be craving for.

The list in full:

  • Beijing 2008 X360/PS3/PC - 27th June
  • Space Siege PC - 22nd Aug
  • Picto Image DS - Sept
  • Golden Axe Riders X360/PS3 - Sept
  • Yakuza 2 PS2 - Sept
  • Sonic Unleashed X360/PS3/Wii/PS2 - Nov
  • Empire: Total War PC - Q1 2009
  • Alpha Protocol PS3/X360/PC - Q1 2009
  • Madworld Wii - Q1 2009
  • Aliens: Colonial Marines - Q1 2009
  • Sonic Chronicles - Sept