Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Gearbox on why WWII is interesting again

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We're not just taking a World War II time period and creating a game inside of it; we're looking at history, we're saying what was compelling about history to people that want to relive it. We're putting you in the shoes of real soldiers in real situations, with real historical figures. But it's an historical fiction as well; Matt Baker wasn't an actual person, but he's going to pump into people like the commander of the 507 and you're going to see these figures and what actually happened to them.

Referencing all these real events and real people in a FPS game... where do you draw the line? When does it become inappropriate?

Palmer: I don't know if it ever becomes "inappropriate". We have a great deal of respect for the sacrifice that people made and we're doing good justice to real history. The lines are more about, 'do you need to try to precisely walk in the steps of a particular person?' And because it's interactive and because it's a game it makes more sense to contextualise the steps you're walking; it's an historical fiction. There are a lot of historical fiction novels about characters that didn't necessarily exist, but you learn a lot about the time period and the events they're participating in.

Forest Gump was a great movie, but there was no Forest Gump. You still got to learn a lot about the time period by seeing it through his eyes.

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