SCIV: First Secret Apprentice shots and trailer

More utterly gorgeous screens and video for Soul Calibur IV

Namco Bandai has unveiled a bunch of screenshots and a trailer showing off the recently announced Star Wars Secret Apprentice character in Soul Calibur IV.

The video is, as always, very impressive. The Secret Apprentice may look like a bit of a wally (his smirk at the end really irks us), but overall the game looks incredible.

The Secret Apprentice joins Darth Vader and Yoda as the first playable Star Wars characters to be featured in a Soul Calibur game. The latter two characters will be split across systems - Vader is for PS3 owners and Yoda will appear on 360.

Thankfully the Secret Apprentice will be on both platforms, so 360 owners don't have to take control of a green muppet mimicking the Tasmanian Devil in order to indulge in some lightsaber goodness.