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Team Fortress: Pyro unlockables shown

"Axstinguiser" weapon coming in next update, which focuses on the class with the flamethrower

Valve has released the first details on the next class revamp planned for Team Fortress 2, which as we revealed focuses on the Pyro.

"We've almost completely wrapped up the next big release for Team Fortress 2, which will focus on the Pyro class," reads the latest Steam update.

"We've spent time looking at how the recent Medic release went, and have rolled feedback from that release into the new item designs for the Pyro and into the design of the achievements required to unlock those items."


As the update mentions, the last class to receive the upgrade goods was the Medic, whom can now receive unlockable weapons for collecting specific Achievements based on its healing abilities.

The first unlockable weapon the Pyro will receive is the Axtinguisher, which does about half normal damage to standard non-burning enemies, but once you light someone on fire it guarantees a critical hit.

"Along with all of the new content, we're also going to be making some significant changes to the Pyro class for everyone, regardless of whether they have unlocked any new items," says Valve.