Alone in the Dark - done

Development complete on Atari's horror game

Eden Games downs tools and puts its feet up as work on Atari's movie-style scare-'em-up is finally wrapped up, although the PS3 version isn't out until autumn.

The game has been floating around since 2006, and was originally planned for a May 2008 release before being hit with a delay which, Atari told CVG, was simply to give developer Eden games another 30 days to polish the final game up some more.

That means the Xbox 360, PC versions of the game, along with the Hydravision Entertainment-developed Wii and PS2 versions, are all set to hit shops on June 20 as planned.

The PS3 version, meanwhile, is STILL hanging on a vague "autumn" release.

"The PS3 version looks brilliant, people have seen it and it looks cool," an Atari spokesperson promised CVG.