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Capcom USA twice "declined" Resi Zero Wii

Resident Evil 0 isn't wanted by Western gamers, says publisher

Capcom USA twice passed on bringing the Wii port of Resident Evil Zero to the West, the company has revealed.

When quizzed on its official forums on the Western current release status for Resi Zero Wii, a Capcom spokesperson replied, "Nothing is ever final, but we've been asked twice if we've wanted to bring it Westward and twice we've declined."

The Wii port of the GameCube survival horror prequel is due out in Japan this summer. Apparently with the new Wii control scheme you'll be able to play through the game with just one hand (cough, cough).

By the sounds of things, the reason for the port's US no-show is (according to Capcom) because no one in the West actually liked it:

"There's thousands of used copies on Ebay and at Gamestop and given the outcry against the project when Japan announced it on these boards and others, it's pretty obvious that it's not wanted by gamers here," said the Capcom spokesperson.

Or maybe you just released it on a dieing format?