Force Unleashed, starring Vader

Dark Lord of the Sith chins Wookies in new screens

This weekend we were a bit bored (... loney and perhaps, sad) so bugger it, we said, and stuck on the Star Wars prequels, which weren't quite as rubbish as we remembered. Though we'd been drinking at the time. Tea of course.

Having said that, we really hope that LucasArts doesn't make the same mistakes as the controversial new trilogy in the Force Unleashed. Mistakes like midichlorians, overuse of CGI and making Darth Vader look like a big girl.

Here he is then, the most evil dictator in the galaxy, completely under your control in the first level of Force Unleashed. We can already see the corpse hunting and running into walls a mile away.

In case you missed it, LucasArts recently gave half of its staff the pink slip, so this could be the last proper internal Star Wars game we see for a while. Let's hope its done justice to the battered franchise.