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Viva Piņata DS: We want it

New screens and videos of Rare's handheld Piņata - is this the platform is was made for?

Rare and handheld publishing mate THQ (Microsoft doesn't do DS) have released new screens and videos of Viva Piņata: Pocket Paradise for DS. We want it.

Rare describes the handheld version as "a full-size Viva Pinata game in your pocket" which features "not only the entire range of paper beasts from the Xbox 360 title but also a few new ones thrown in to spice things up for those familiar with the established cast." Sounds wicked.

All in all, the DS looks far more suited to this sort of game than the 360 was. We say that, but it could still go horribly wrong by the time we get some hands-on.

You can see Pocket Paradise in action via these videos on THQ's site.