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New Turok movie to star... some bloke

Fittingly Native American Adam Beach to lead upcoming live action film

It has been revealed that the roll of Turok in the new live action Turok film will be played by US actor Adam Beach.

Known from TV hits such as Moose TV, Bottoms Up and Skinwalker (no, we've never heard of him either), Beach is apparently "one of the only high-profile Native America supers", which is particularly fitting for the role, especially after having provided his voice for Turok in a separate new animated movie, Turok: Son of Stone.

He describes the opportunity to play a fellow Native American as a "dream", according to MTV. "He's the first Native American superhero that I ever looked up to," said Beach.

"He basically [comes from] a family where they're protecting our universe from an alternate universe that wants to take it over. He uses his wits, and his might, and his special bow and arrow to take over the world."

Except no-one uses the bow, Beach. It's all about the Quad Rocket Launcher. Oh, and the brain-drilling Cerebral Bore. Don't forget that one.