UTIII dated on 360... in the US

We're still waiting...

It was just yesterday that we had our most recent rant about the ongoing lack of a release date for Unreal Tournament III on 360, but Midway has finally named a day - for the US.

The big day is July 7, according to reports although, as we said before, Midway is still twiddling its fingers over a UK release.

Update: CVG expects an official UK release date from Midway within the next day or so. The wait, is seems, is finally coming to an end (unless that date is something like November - that wouldn't be funny).Update ends.

We've contacted Midway again in the slim hope that there may have been developments on the situation, and in the hope that it may at least be able to confirm it'll be out here in the same month. We'll update with its reply.

Just to remind you of what you're waiting for, Midway fired us seven sweet new screenshots yesterday.